Making Your Will

A Will is important as it allows you to choose what happens to your property and possessions when you die. If you do not make a will, then complicated “intestacy rules” will apply – and your property may not go to the people you would have chosen.

Your Will may be as simple or as complicated as you like. Do not be misled into thinking you have nothing of value – the words “estate” or “property” might sound grand, but do not mean you need to be a wealthy landowner.

A carefully drafted will can help avoid paying unnecessary Inheritance Tax. Remember, even a modest home could take your estate outside the nil-rate Inheritance Tax band, potentially leaving an unpleasant tax liability to your family.

Once you have made a will, be certain you keep it up to date. A long-term partnership, divorce and remarriage, the arrival of children – all have an impact on the way your estate is distributed. For example, if you remarry and everything is left to your second wife, your children from a first marriage may receive nothing.

The other benefit of leaving a will is that you can choose who will be the Executors of your estate, and also set out any special wishes you may have regarding your funeral.

We take pride in our reputation for drawing up Wills appropriate to your circumstances. We also offer other Private Client services including Probate, Powers of Attorney, Deputyship and Trusts.

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